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This website provides access to biological monitoring data that has been collected on all properties owned by the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. Use the menus below to limit your search to specific properties or programs, and then search by survey type or species.

The Biomonitoring Database contains some data that are part of the DFW Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program database. Under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 66, Section 17D, the NHESP database is not a public record. To make biomonitoring data available to the public, all site-specific information on Massachusetts Endangered Species Act (MESA)-listed species was replaced with "MESA-listed species" or a similar general term. Plots from NHESP Natural Communities found on DFW properties are included in this database, as are plots from various DFW Forestry Project efforts. Only data from NHESP Natural Communities on DFW properties are included in this database. All DFW properties on which surveys have been taken are included in the database and can be selected using the dropdown menu.

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